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Project Description
RIBA is an example LOB application with many features to show how to build distributed and secure Line of Business applications based on Silverlight 4.
An important part of RIBA is it's own MVVM Framework library, which is designed to be easily usable for business applications built in Silverlight 4.

Live Demo of Included MVVM Advanced Tutorial NHibernate Sample
Click here to view the Silverlight application using NHibernate and SQlite.     NHibernate-Version  NEW

Live Demo of included multilingual RIBA Authentication Sample
Click here to view the Silverlight application.

Documentation can be found in the doc folders within the source.

Key Features of MVVM module

  • A ViewModelBase to inherit from that contains all that is needed
  • A fully templatable NavigationService-Control whith cusomizable animations
  • Automatic implementation of INotifyPropertyChanged
  • MessageBox-From-Viewmodel
  • ChildWindow-From-ViewModel
  • Out-of-the-box exchange of shared data and private data collections
  • Easy Inter-ViewModel-Messaging

Key Features of completed RIBA project

  • Fully MVVM thanks to usage of the MVVM framework
  • Distributed Line-Of-Business-Application
  • Example Implementation of different data-layers through RIA, NHibernate
  • POCO
  • Dynamic DLL-Loading
  • Multi-language support through ressources or T4-Code
  • Some more...

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